David Schwarz was the Hungarian inventor with a sense of humor and a self proclaimed "Airship master" whose work helped out Count Zeppelin in building rigid airships. Schwarz built an airship that was made completely out of metal that was covered by an aluminum coating. Using Hydrogen as his lifting gas, Schwarz planned to launch his Metal-clad airships a few weeks after he finished it. Count zeppelin offered to pilot his ship, but the german government would not allow it. The ship stayed aloft a for a few minutes, 6 to be exact, but proved to be too heavy, and the Aluminum airship crashed to the ground in a flaming fireball of aluminum. David died a few days after the crash, but it wasn't his many injuries, the reason was this: Count zeppelin arrived in the hospital to tell his friend that he would use his idea on his own branch of airships. It was allegedly spoken that schwarz had a heart attack due to extreme happiness
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Schwarz's aluminum ship of 1897