The P-791 is a Hybrid Airship designed by Lockheed Martin and Skunk-Works. To gain more span to act like a wing, the P-791 is three pressurized lobes joined together. It uses four air cushions as landing gear, located on the outer lobes. It appears to have four propellers-two at the tail and two on the sides. A hybrid airship derives most of its lift by lighter-than-air gas, the rest by its shape and span. It has an almost Identical Resemblance to the Skycat, and many Airship experts group The P-791 into the Scycat Family. The P-791 is distinct because it looks like three Blimps Fused together. a press release stated that the name P-791 has no apparent meaning.

The P-791 during the 5 minute test flight. This craft is one of the very few Hybrids to take flight.